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Black and White

... for Thomas (and in answer to Neal's poetry challenge) ...


"Black and White"


Your black and white fur

covers pillows and blankets

like sunshine on me


Our black and white life

Full of fun and playful joy

Meant the world to me


My black and white dreams

Of angels and rainbow light

So precious to me


May black and white days

And black and white nights always

Bring comfort to me

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Beautiful, made me cry. You take all those wonderful memories and carry on my friend.
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So Beautiful 😍
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Very nice, what a great job expressing the joy and comfort a pet like Thomas brings. Our Sophie is a gift to us, she makes our days better with her face. And a big thank you for being there for all of us, regularly with your kind and wise words.

Neal has made an impression on all of us.

Hoping to hear from Thomas from the Bridge. Hugs
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Beautifully said, friend. I’ve been a fan of black and white dogs for 30 years. When the time is right, you’ll know it. Somewhere there will be a black and white dog that Thomas will want you to take home. Best wishes to you. I’m sure Thomas says thank you as well.
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What a nice tribute to Thomas. No wonder I love Thomas! Black and white everything are my & white films, black & white photos, black & white cookies with icing, black & white good and plenty candy; so classique. Thomas was unique and classic, playful and royal. Stella's sire was a black & white long coat chihuahua - Thomas has probably met him by now too. I think you and Neal should join the national poet society. 🐾💕
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Your love is palpable and your poetry reflects your beautiful soul. My heart grieves for you.....XO
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Thinking of you today Sweet Boy on your birthday. I know one of the Angels will make you Pupcakes. Enjoy your special day in Heaven😇
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Hope you are finding a way to celebrate your new year.
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Thomas, Thomas, Thomas

What can I possibly say

When it's time you must go

Tho Nan would rather you stayed

She writes of black and white
Black and white

Of her love not forsaken

She paints images of love

Even tho she is shaken

Thomas my tears leave stain tracks on my face

In my heart as in Nan's you will always have a barking space

Black and white my friend Nan said it best

Her words and her heart superseded the test

In your honor I bow and watch canine angels howl in your steed

You are loved and blessed and remembered for all your kind deeds

Black and white

Black and white

You left some behind

The cherished memories forever in heart and in mind

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In lovely haiku
Your words loving and sweet
With wonderful rhythm and flow
a most pleasing beat
Just wanted you to know
Well done
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Very nice !
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Happy birthday week!
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Happy birthday to dear Thomas in doggie heaven, and love to his best friend!
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Fanks yooooo
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CapOx info please for new-ish member

Hi pals ... new-ish member Patricia has been diagnosed with "invasive adenocarcinoma on cecum" and is seeking info/advice on the chemo drug CapOx. Please read her latest post here:

Thank you. Hugs to all :*)

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Never heard of it. But will investigate it. Would appreciate info also.
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So good to hear from you. Hugs coming your way :*)
Wish I could help - hope there is a fellow blogger who has experience. Will try to check it out when I have better WiFi ...
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rollerFetching more entries....

Vital Info


November 5, 2011

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4306

February 21, 2007

Rest in Peace

Cancer Info

Bone Cancer


April 16, 2018

Stage 4

0.1 - 1.0 cm

That it is a thief.

That I am stronger than cancer; it may take my life but it won't take my joy.

Homemade meals with powerhouse, immunity-boosting, cancer-fighting food. Also Cannabis Oil, Vit C tabs, Maitake mushrooms, phytoplankton, olive oil, coconut oil, ACV, curcumin, Artemix, IP6 tabs.

Left side (on top of rib), lung (2 x nodules which eventually increased to 9 nodules). 10 days before I went #OTRB cancer was found growing in another site - my pelvic bone - which became painful and I was gently euthanised.

Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS) in Jindalee, Brisbane, Australia

Be as active as you can. Make memories.

Don't second guess the future; be present in today.

July 27, 2018

Yes. 3 weeks after the first round of 5 x chemo infusions were completed.

Swelling above left carpal, limping. My vet had just lost her dog to osteosarcoma so took no chances - straight in for an xray, which suggested it could be bone cancer, so immediately referred to a Jindalee Vet Oncologist (Dr Terry) who took bone biopsies and did body scan. Scan showed no spread of cancer. Results received 16 April 2018 showed that it was bone cancer; shoulder and leg amputated 17 April 2018. Surgery site became infected, which delayed chemo for a week. Chemo finished 27 July 2018. Unfortunately cancer returned - 3 weeks after chemo finished my Nan found a small lump on top of rib. Scan showed 2 nodules in my lung, too. Lump on side removed surgically (vet said it just "peeled" away, not attached to the rib). Had further chemo infusion (Doxorubicin) which finished 19 October, plus "home" chemo/meds (continuous). Scan while getting Doxorubicin showed lung nodules halved in size. Next scan on 21 December 2018 showed 1 lung nodule the same size, the other nodule had further reduced a little. Still on home chemo/meds. Next scan in February 2019.

Left front leg and shoulder amputated on 17 April 2018.


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